Minoru Ohira

Minoru Ohira's sculptures amaze with their giant appearance

by Thisispaper, Feature - Design, 21.09.2017, Polish magazin

Japanese artist Minoru Ohira received his Bachelor degree of Fine Arts from Kanazawa City Arts and Crafts College in 1975 and a Masters in Art Education from Tokyo University of the Arts in 1977.

Later on, he continued his education in Mexico National Institue of Art, what was followed by moving to California, where Minoru currently lives and works. His work has been widely appreciated and exhibitions. Presented below is a modest survey of his work.

His practice is undoubtedly strongly influenced by feeding off the periodic changes in lifestyle and cultural experiences that arose out of relocating from Niigata to Kanazawa to Tokyo to Mexico, and finally to California. Giant sculptures made out of found materials, such as wood, slate or glass are unique in their appearance. They sit nicely together, and create a coherent whole, but also they work very well individully.

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Cloud on Ground casa Santa Ana Wind Tree in Desert

Fruit in Desert#2 Origin #1 Tortuga #2 Vessel of God detail